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The Cat Speaks
Miss Kitty's Words of Wisdom
Fleet Action off the Southwest Coast of Spain 
21st-May-2008 10:03 pm
cap'n m_cat

Fleet Action off the Southwest Coast of Spain

Part 2
In which the action heats up and we prepare for battle.

Combat hasn't started yet, but you can see my elite crew begin to psych themselves up and get into the right mindset in this short usurpt. Note the results of my amazing leadership skills.

11:47:m_cat: All right! Time to pawn some knobs!
11:47:Ichiko: Rock!
11:47:m_cat: ...Sure.
11:47:m_cat: Signal the fleet: JAFFA! KREE!
11:47:StephenJAubrey (Quarterdeck): that's like 8 times today shes said rock!
11:47:BillTehCat: Kree, aye.
11:47:FredMarryat (Quarterdeck): Just set up a filter.
11:47:HahnSolo1983 (Quarterdeck): How?
11:47:StephenJAubrey (Quarterdeck): srsly? how?
11:47:FredMarryat (Quarterdeck): type / filter (one word) then
11:47:FredMarryat (Quarterdeck): Ichiko then {words you want to filter}
Filter in place for user Ichiko
Words: Rock!
11:48:m_cat (Quarterdeck): Thanks.
11:48:HahnSolo1983 (Quarterdeck): Thanks!
11:48:VampyrePajamas: Yeah, so anyhow, no shit, there I was,.
11:48:VampyrePajamas: trying to get out of the Ukraine.
11:48:VampyrePajamas: My friend had Northern and Southern Europe
11:49:VampyrePajamas: Too many armies in Ural, Afghanistan, and Middle East
11:49:FredMarryat: OMG, what ever did you do?
11:49:VampyrePajamas: I had to take Scandinavia and Iceland to get to
11:49:VampyrePajamas: Greenland.
11:50:FredMarryat: My word, what a struggle that must have been!
11:50:VampyrePajamas: You have no idea. Scandinavia had like VI armies on it!
11:50:FredMarryat: Good God, man! How could you take that risk?
11:50:m_cat (to FredMarryat): You're making it worse.
11:50:VampyrePajamas: Well, I threw all my troops into it, picked up the dice,
11:50:FredMarryat (to you): Sorry. At least it's not about LARPs anymore.
11:51:m_cat (to BillTehCat): How much xp do you need to max out Send Signals?
11:51:VampyrePajamas: and rolled a six and a four.
11:51:VampyrePajamas: Dave rolled a three and a one! I'm, like, "score, sucker!
11:51:BillTehCat (to you): sorry - two more levels, maybe 35,000 xp
11:52:VampyrePajamas: So now I'm in Scandanvaia, and it's just Iceland in my way.
11:52:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: Pizza delivery - AFK
11:52:VampyrePajamas: Dude on Iceland is like, "Oh, shit!"
11:53:~~=Wm Norrington=~~:Mmm... octuple meat with a cheese-stuffed crust
11:53:StephenJAubrey: octupal meat? WTF?
11:53:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: It's awesome. There's beef, pork, chicken,
11:53:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: sausage
11:53:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: hamburger, i guess
11:53:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: bacon
11:54:VampyrePajamas: Aren't those both beef?
11:54:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: ostrich
11:54:BillTehCat: Hey, when do you use a pooled t-test?
11:54:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: really?
11:54:HahnSolo1983: That's what hamburger usually is.
11:54:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: and duck
11:54:~~=Wm Norrington=~~: Oh, I thought you were talking about bacon.
11:54:FredMarryat: When elements of your data come in pairs, like before and after
11:55:m_cat: I commandeer this pizza in the name of Great Britain.
01:55:FredMaryat: or left hand/right hand or something like that.
11:55:m_cat: and Northern Ireland.
11:55:JeffVader: Do you have a flag?
11:55:m_cat: Yes.
22nd-May-2008 01:35 pm (UTC)
You guys are Stoned.
And you're giving me the Munchies.
For Pizza.
And it's only 9:30 in the Morning.
22nd-May-2008 05:03 pm (UTC)
Stone cold awesome, I think you mean.

And it's never too early for ostrich pizza.
22nd-May-2008 05:45 pm (UTC)
Duck would really not actually be very good on pizza at all. What were they thinking?
22nd-May-2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
I admit, live ducks wouldn't be very good on pizza. They'd quack, stir up all the toppings with their bills, and then waddle off the pizza, leaving it a huge mess. Roast ducks, on the other hand, would work just fine.
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