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The Cat Speaks
Miss Kitty's Words of Wisdom
nonviolent direct action 
17th-May-2005 12:12 pm
I haven't been getting fed well since I went to the vet last week. I get half a can of tasty wet food in the morning and another half a can in the evening. This just isn't enough, so after reading Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" as posted in assaultdoor's journal, I tried some nonviolent direct action. It hasn't worked in the sense that I have more food, but it did provoke this. Yep. It was direct action with no violence at all. None at all. As a member of one of the most fearsome and efficient predator species on this planet (the most fearsome and efficient are the guys who hang around China's Great Wall and sell tee shirts), I could easily have unloaded some extreme violence on you, assaultdoor.
18th-May-2005 12:40 am (UTC)
dag, you is determined, m_cat. i am very impressed with your committment to this non-violence. i normally prescribe to the public enemy form of protest--rapping in a menacing fashion.
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