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The Cat Speaks

Miss Kitty's Words of Wisdom

Miss Kitty - M_CAT
Hi. I'm Miss Kitty. I'm about 4.5kg, I've got black and white fur, and I'm cute. I like watching people and watching birds and watching doggies. I'd really like to own a doggie some day. I like wet food and getting scritched and the best wet food I can think of is unagi. It comes in a can and it's from Japan. I think Japan is cool. It's a land of mystery and unagi, and they worship these cat sculptures that you find in Chinese restaurants. I also like sitting in the sun. Sometimes I sit in the sun and it feels so good that I forget about things like eating and pooping, and I have to run really fast to my litterbox. I don't always make it. People say I'm stupid, but don't you believe them. Who are you?


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